Oh. I guess the ex wasn't playing at the John Anson Ford Theater. It was the Henry Fonda Theater, as bass player for some lounge singer.... nevermind!

The weather ROCKS! The kidlet just left, so I'm gonna hit the market for some missing essentials like dental floss and tuna - Big Lots for cheap wrapping paper - and come right back home to wrap gifts, make lemon bars, and hopefully do some scrapbooking.

I was going to watch Lord of the Rings today, but I watched it last night instead. It was pretty good. I've never been a fan of Science Fiction/Fantasy stuff - Buffy is the only consideration I make - oh yeah, that and Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan. But I liked LoTR. Lots of cool bad guys and nice gruesome battles. Viggo Mortenson is easy on the eyes too. I guess I'll have to dig through the video archives for watching material today. It's all good!

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