Ooooooo! I'm so cranky. Cranky. Cranky. Cranky.... No particular reason. Just stay the Eff outa my way. Grrrrrrrrrr!


I'm also confused. How is it that a vampire - who doesn't require breath to live - can be nearly "drowned"? Joss, I'm talkin' to you!

I am, however, excited that Buffy will be getting her bitch on next episode. I think I'll gather my very own props - pointy stick, swords - and watch with them in hand. Woo Hoo! Go Slayers!


Yesterday, a former employee from customer service came back to visit our office. She now works for a successful, national company nearby. This company, has a casual work attire policy, excellent benefits (I'm talking EXCELLENT) - and she makes enough money to be tooling around town in a PT Cruiser...(I've got medium good pay, sucky benefits - and I have to dress like I'm going to the prom - even though no civilians ever come here). In the meantime, this company is about ready for the big flush. I think her visit was a wake up call from God. I need to find a new J.O.B.

Oh, great! My boss just walked in here and read that last sentence......... Gaaaah!

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