Trent Lott. Nice way to give yourself a slap on the wrist... Big whoop. That racist Bubba still has gainful employment. Well, there's always next election...


Okay. This is the story of how Hewell Howser changed my future:

I was kicking back, sitting on the sofa, with my feet up on the coffee table. Eating cookies. I had the remote in my right hand, and I was giving it a spin around the dial, when I came upon a little program they like to call "On the Road with Hewell Howser" He's an affable gent, from Tennesee - who hosts a few remarkably relaxing programs for our local PBS stations. The programs generally involve little known areas or charming characters from our Golden State.

This particular episode was about a town up in Northern California, called "Bodega". Not Bodega Bay, from the famous Hitchcock film, but plain old "Bodega" (though the schoolhouse from "The Birds" still stands, up on a hill. It is the school where nearly everyone who grew up in Bodega attended, for he past 100 years).

The thing is, I've had a vision in my head about a perfect place to live, for a long time now. I know this place intimately. The people, the weather, the size, the vistas. I'll bet I even know how the place smells. And I tell ya. This Bodega, was right out of my brain!

It appears that most of the residents are artists. There are sheep farms, and llama farms outside of town (Yay! My cows and goats!). It's so small. And every single person Hewell interviewed, managed to sneak in that the townsfolk are very "accepting" of everyone's lifestyle. Not that my lifestyle would shock anyone - but it's nice to know, all the same.

I have to get a road trip together. I have to see this place for myself. My future awaits!

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