OHHHH MAH GAWDDDDDD!!!!!! We're on Storm Watch!!!! It's the Storm of the Millenium!!!! Get your flashlights ready, the power is sure to go out. Kiss the loved ones goodbye!!!

Good grief. For those of you who live in places where it rains - this is just plain crazy talk. But here, in Southern California (a semi-arid desert) it just doesn't get that wet. We're pretty much on a drought all the time. But it's a-rainin' now. We're supposed to get a hella storm tonight. Six to eight hours of hard rain, with up to one inch per hour in some areas. Is that alot?

Actually, I think it is a lot, and our burned out hillsides are going to start to slip and fall. Some of the hillside home just up the way from us may end up in a lot of trouble.

We should be okay up in the trees. Unless of course, the trees get whipped up by the winds, and either crash through the sliding glass doors and kill me - or go the other way, and snap the power lines. Should be a restful night's sleep, eh?

I have to get to bed now, but tomorrow - if we survived this stormy, stormy night - I will report how my entire future has been mapped out - and Hewell Howser had a large part in it.

Good night. Stay dry...

December 19, 2002

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