My cat, Malcolm-X, spent the better part of yesterday, convinced he could control me with his mind...

First thing in the morning, he looked at me and I "understood" he needed feeding. (actually, I noticed his dish was empty, so on the way to make coffee, I poured some kibble in)

Afterwards, he mosied towards the bathroom, sat down and looked at me. Immediately, I "understood" the litter box needed changing (hell, the neighbors could tell the litter box needed changing.) I freshened his throne, if my magic.

Then, as if to test his supernatural abilities, looked at me and I "understood" he wanted to go out on the balcony. He had amazed himself!

The whole rest of the day, he would sit next to me, or stand next to me, and stare with this really intense expression in his eyes. As if he were "commanding" me to perform some special task for him.


I have a bone to pick with the "Animal Planet" channel. It's that show, "That's My Baby". It sounds harmless enough. People's pets having babies and we get to watch. However, I've seen a couple of episodes, where the pressure to show off the owner's birthing expertise, has inflicted pain, and in the case of one kitten, death! The owners of these animals get so involved - like in the case of the kitten - the mother cat was doing fine, having babies. But the owner grabbed up a newborn, broke the sac, and began, for no apparent reason, to suction the baby kitten. Why didn't he allow mom to do what would have come naturally? The kitten couldn't breathe because in his haste to look cool, it inhaled a bunch of amniotic fluid. Eventually, it got pneumonia and died... Today, I watched a very stupid woman deliver pygmy goats. The first goat was being delivered perfectly. Feet and head. But this woman couldn't freakin' wait. She jammed her fingers inside that poor goat, and pulled on the kid's head. Of course, when the thing finally got delivered, it couldn't breathe right away. The mother goat was bleating for her child (completely ignored by the woman) as she frantically suctioned the kid. Finally, she got the thing breathing - though she looked a bit nervous - and handed it over to its mom. Stupid woman. Stupid television show for encouraging such stupidity. I'm writing a letter!


I'm reading "The Hours". I'm really not sure I like it. Seems like the women are all depressed and may in fact, all kill themselves very soon. So much for "light reading", eh?

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