Happy New Year's Eve!

Corned beef and cabbage is burbling on the stove. We're warm in our apartment in the trees. At 9, the kidlet and I will mosey over to Heather's apartment for a while. She's having a get-together. I started my quilt - finally!. The Euro-Pro sewing machine I ordered from Home Shopping Network arrived! It's so tiny, and "Barbie" pink. But it sews! I can piece together the sweet squares for my quilt. (Maybe finish a project for a change????) And, Time-Warner gave me 3 free Pay Per View movies, because I called and complained about their stupid HBO on Demand that NEVER works! It pays to bellyache...


My daughter's therapist called me today. I was a bit nervous to hear from him on a holiday, but he just wanted to go over some things with me. Good news is, he doesn't think she's got any underlying mental illness. Her obsessions seem to be just a part of her personality. He wants to work on getting her to be a bit less serious about things. Maybe feel less responsible for everyone around her (like me and her dad for example). He says that she thinks I must not be happy, because I don't have a boyfriend. And when I tell her that I am happy, it doesn't convince her. What I need to say, is that I have chosen to live my life a certain way, and that she should understand she has no say in how I live it, and furthermore, that she has no power to make me happy, or un-happy in that regard. If we can get her to realize where she ends, and the rest of the world begins - it could go a long way toward her being able to form healthier relationships in her future. I also need to keep her busy, so she doesn't isolate so much, and have time on her hands to "obsess" so much.


Another good news item for the new year - We went to B. Dalton Booksellers today, and they had an actual copy of "The Advocate" and an "Out" magazine!!! This flies in the face of their previous policy of "family" oriented reading material. They used to carry NO gay-themed books or magazines. I was so happy to see the "Advocate", I purchased it, and told the nervous clerk how pleased I was, and that I would be buying books from their store in the future. (She thought I was a big ole lesbian. Hee!)


I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year. May 2003 bring dreams come true for all!

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