Oh, you wouldn't believe the mess these bone-heads have made with our new computer system. A crew of chimps would have been more successful...

About 6 months ago, we secretarial types were brought into the conference room so we could learn how to write requisitions on the new system (you know, for paper clips and tape - stuff like that). We had many sessions. We learned. We were ready. That's all they taught us. Requisitions. Hello? Is that all you guys think we do? How about teaching us the stuff our bosses do, because, we're the ones who actually DO those things for our bosses. Nope. Nuttin'. Okay. We waited.

About a week ago, we went on line with the new system. Oh sure, we've heard rumours about how screwed up everything is now. Like we're only shipping out 8 orders per day, instead of the 50 that are the goal (50's only a smidgen of what we were shipping prior to going on-line). Whatever. Not our problem.

Today, my boss asked me to place an order for some brochures. "No problem" says I. "We're on line with the new system!" Hmmmmm. For some reason, I couldn't make the screen appear - you know, the requision screen. I rang the offices of those brilliant men who are handling our new computer system. Come to find out, they forgot we secretarial types were supposed to get permission to do requisions. In fact, they didn't even write any "tests" for us to do them. And furthermore they can't write any tests for two more weeks, because they don't have enough memory to do them at present...

How many millions of dollars did this new computer system cost my company? How many of us were forced to forfeit our Christmas bonuses, parties and raises, in order to pay for it???? Bloody geniuses, I tell ya!

January 03, 2003

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