I've had something go missing in my office. Truly missing. I cannot locate it to save my life. Disappeared into thin air, I tell ya.

It's the thing I need to recreate the thing that disappeared first. Disorganized much?

My boss is gonna have a field day with my ass tomorrow. He's already going to be OTR, because he's spending the day at the Chicago branch of our company. You know, the one with that wacky credit manager, who always has something to show my boss that I have neglected to take care of. Dammit!

And I have to go to Lydia's funeral tomorrow too. I mean, I don't have to go to it. But I should. Right? Oh, I hate funerals. I don't need a funeral to have closure with somebody. I can do that on my own. But I might go, just to get away from the incessant phone calls from my hysterical boss. A funeral might be more pleasant... Oh, my aching ass.

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