Okay, I'll update about what happened on Wednesday. You know, the day I was dreading - with the funeral, and my boss who was gonna chew me a new one - and the missing paper I was feverishly searching for all afternoon on Tuesday...

Tuesday night, I was talking to a Catholic friend and telling her about the paper I couldn't find. She said I should pray to this saint - Saint Anthony. Seems he's in charge of things you can't locate. I figured I had nothing to lose, right? So, I gave him my request about the paper. Wednesday morning, I'm in the shower, and I decide to take my request to an even higher authority (I was that freaked out). So, I'm standiing there, all nekkid and wet - Pantene in my hair, looking up and pleading "Please let me find that paper so I don't get fired! Oh, and if you can see your way clear to make my boss NOT run into the credit manager while he's in Chicago, that would be hella cool too!"

I got to work, and not five minutes into my day, I opened up a drawer I'd looked in a bunch of times - opened up a manilla folder, and BAM! There was that paper! Ten minutes later, my boss called me from the Chicago office. He was in a jovial mood, and mentioned to me that the credit manager was away from the office for the entire day... Makes you wanna say "Hmmmmmm" doesn't it?


Lydia's funeral was terribly sad. Terribly. I mean, she was only 42, went to bed on a Thursday night, and woke up dead. She never even knew what hit her. That's a nice way to go, if you house is tidy and you have on clean pj's.

Lots of folks that used to work at my company were at the funeral. It reminded me of how much fun it used to be here.

Her married boyfriend was at the funeral, sitting with a woman - I assumed it was his wife - how completely weird... and her former boyfriend, the one-eyed, 300 pound Iranian Jew? He's lost about a hundred pounds and looked really good. He gave a very touching rememberance of her. Gosh, he loved her a lot. They were secretly seeing each other for over 6 years! Nobody knew they were involved until it was over. All that romance, right under our noses...


So, it's Friday. I was happy about the weekend with my kidlet, (her father called to say he couldn't see her this weekend - musical gigs ya know). But when I informed her it was just the two of us, she hollered "NO! I can't spend two days with just you!" Oh yeah? Well, I think I'll take myself to a movie, and go to the mall with just me, and she can kiss my ass... See how she likes spending the weekend with just herself

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