I am sooooo loving the whole "SUV owners are supporting terrorism" thang...

I mean really, if you are so thick-headed, that you can't understand how knowingly purchasing a huge, gas-guzzling vehicle, for no better reason than everyone else has one (which is why a lot of freaking yuppie a-holes do it). And you think you are doing your patriotic duty by flying a stupid flag off the back of it. Maybe you should think again.

It doesn't matter how much oil and gasoline products factories and big business use. If you are so arrogant that you willingly choose a vehicle that uses a whole lot of gas just to get to the mall and whatnot, then you are willingly paying the Saudi's and whomever, your hard-earned money to front the very terrorists you proport to hate. 'Cause baby, they are giving the terrorists as much of your money as they need.

Got it? Good!

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