Things at my company are very dire. Tensions are high. Nobody is happy (well, except the Marketing Department, but they're a bunch of air heads anyway).

In the midst of this chaos, I am calm. I am serene. It is almost as if a force has taken me over. Though the CEO told the sales staff we need to bring in ten million dollars a month over the next three months or there will be "cuts" - I can still appreciate what a gorgeous day it is outside. 75 degrees. Blue skies with puffy, white clouds. Life is good. I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this moment.

I'm about to do something I learned on one of the only good TV religion programs. There's this preacher woman, Joyce Meyer. For a Christian, she rocks. I watched her program one time, and she dared us to do this exercise. I'm always up for a dare, so I did it. What she said was, to write down a list of our dreams. Whatever they were. Write them as if they already happened. Read the dreams outloud. Feel them, as if they have happened already. Give these dreams over to your higher power. I wrote down about 8 or 10 things on that paper. I read them outloud, and gave them over to my higer power. Within one year, all my dreams but one had come true. Alllll of them but one.

So, here is my affirmation:


I have a stable, good paying job with terrific benefits. I work at a company that is successful, respects its employees, and I love working there. It is near my home. I am so happy with my job, I am excited to go to work each day.


I feel this affirmation. It is a beautiful day outside. And I am serene.

January 17, 2003

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