My computer is out of the hospital! It only cost $65 to fix. I'm happy, but kinda worried, because when I booted up for the first time, it sorta when "blam" and the whole thing turned off.

Good thing I decided to buy that Macintosh from my friend, Scotty, huh?

I did. I'm gonna have a second computer. It's a freakin' MAC!!! I'm such a Mac gal. I love Macs! I wish I didn't even have to use a PC. Woo Hoo! Two computers! I can do beautiful house plans with the MacDraft program. I love to do house plans. Did you know that? No, I didn't think so...

Today was a very productive and kick-ass day. I started out by calling one of our school board members to give her encouragement. She was almost standing alone, against the "right-wing religious wacko's" that have been recently elected to the board. Last night, I watched the meeting on TV. It was riveting! Did you know that the RWRW's want to make Planned Parenthood remove the condom instruction portion of the sex education curriculum? Oh, yes they do! 'Cause if our kids know how to put condoms on bananas, the next logical step will be humping on each other between class... There was a hue and cry, not only from our two normal-thinking members (one of whom looked particularly depressed last night). There was pathos and much drama. When asked for their specific thoughts on the condom debacle, these two RWRW numbskulls completely ignored the question and spoke instead, about the conditions of the new and improved restrooms in the elementary schools. Whaaaaaa??? So, I called the board member and gave her props. Then, I wrote the So. Cal chapter of the ACLU. I did this because during the meeting, it was brought up that one of the RWRW's had written a memo on school district letterhead, and attached to the memo was a page from his church bulletin. This was taken up with the school's legal counsel, but they said he hadn't broken any laws. I figured the ACLU might have some interest in a First Amendment violation by this clown. The ACLU is really busy trying to put out all the fires that Dumbya is starting, but it was worth a shot...

Then, I bought the Mac. And I got this computer out of hospital.

Oh, and my hair looks awesome!

All in all, it's been a good day.

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