I haven't written in a few days. Well, it seems like a few days anyway. It's just so damned beautiful outside! I can't seem to get enough. I need to be out there, soaking up the vitamins from the sun. I swear, it's endorphin city...

In other news. If I ever go the Carl's Juni0r, and order up the chili fries - somebody hit me. I eat a lot of food, but the food I eat is usually healthy and natural. We do organic milk, and cage-free eggs, and hormone free chicken here. We eat fresh or frozen veggies. Friday night, we stopped at Carl's for a quick supper. I was going to have a dinner salad, and maybe a potato. Until I caught the new, chili fries ad. Mmmmmmm. Chili Fries...

Let's just say, this old system is not used to handling chemical and preservative-laden, god knows how it was made, chili, on greeeezy fries, with that fake cheese on top.

I felt absolutely toxic. My feet swelled up. And we don't even want to go into how I had to spend an entire night and part of the next day by myself, do we?

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