Paxil. The doctor put the kidlet on Paxil. Paxil seems to cover a lot of the kidlets bases. Depression, anxiety, obsessive tendencies, horrible PMS. So we're trying it. Who knows... I've heard good and bad things about all the antidepressants. Not every medication works for every patient the same way. There are nasty side effects to them all, but if I have to choose between my kid being so depressed she feels like dying woudl be better, and having a bumpy road to recovery - there's just no choice to make.

She's feeling a bit more chipper just knowing there's some treatment for this thing. (also, she's a lot better after finding out her nearly flunking science at the semester doesn't mean she has to go to summer school. Apparently this was weighing heavily on her too.)

I have many anxieties over all of this. Not the least of which is her medical/mental health coverage after April 1st. That's when her coverage from her dad ends, and we either have to go with K@iser Permanente, which doesn't have any mental/behavioral health at all - or with my company insurance, that does, but the premiums are $170/month and the co-pay for psych. is $25 a visit. But, oh, yeah not to worry. Her father is busy trying to get a job at - hold on, it'll be worth it - Disneyl@nd!. Yeah, like they're gonna hire anyone who looks like a '60's drug burnout to interact with children and tourists. Looks like we'll have to disconnect the cable TV in order to afford this latest adventure...


I have accomplished two things I'm proud of:

1. I got my long distance carrier to drop the $3.00 a month minimum fee. See, I don't ever make any long distance calls, so they charge me $3.00 each month for no reason. Although it's just $3.00, every time I pay my phone bill, I get a little pissed. At any rate, I got them to take it off. All I had to do was be tricked by a competing company's telemarketer, who lied to me, and said they didn't have a $3.00 fee. After I switched over, I got the start up packet. What do you think I saw? Yep. Big fat $3.00 fee! Oh, I was so pissed! I called up EmSeeEye and reemed them a new one! They were very sorry that bad telemarketer had lied to me (prolly an inmate at Sing-Sing). I told them to switch me back! It turned out I had to do the switching myself, so when I told my previous carrier about the $3.00 fee and how angry it made me - they took it off. Whew!

2. I screwed up and then repaired my new Mac computer, without having anyone come to my apartment to fix it for me. I simply went to Apple.com, found a thread where some other dumbasses had done the same stupid thing I did, and followed the simple - but scary instructions. I felt soooo accomplished! Really, it was awesome!

Now we have two fabulous computers, and our dining room - oops, I mean, "office" glows with radiant light.


Shhhhhh... I think the Falcons are in the process of breeding! I saw them loving each other up day before yesterday. Baby Falcons. How sweet!

Oh yeah. It's Friday! 82 degrees in sunny Southern California... Yowza!!!!

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