Hal Sparks - Michael Novotny on "Queer As Folk" gave an interview in the new Directv Guide--

Headline: "A comic and self-professed ladies' man...."

DTV Guide Question: QAF can get pretty racy. What do your parents think about that?

Hal Sparks Answer: "My parents are very respectful of it. But I think my mom has a hard time watching me kiss boys on TV. The irony of it is that I think it's harder for them to watch me play a gay character on TV knowing that I'm not gay in real life, that if I actually were gay in real life. If I said, "Mom, Dad, I'm gay," they would get used to it and say, "we love you anyway," because that's the kind of people they are and I love them for that. But as straight as I am --- which on the Hugh Hefner scale, is slightly past smoking jacket -- It's hard for them to watch me because what they see on TV is so diametrically opposed to who I am as a person."


We get it, Hal! You are indeed The Man. You live and breathe pussy...

Ho-Mo-Sectuals are completely the opposite of you. Kissing boys is icky. But you will do it for pay.

Fuck you, Hal. You, and your stupid parents.

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