I'm going to update very soon. I'm going to write all about my kidlet's situation, and how I'm about 98 percent sure her therapist is an idiot for not seeing that she's not simply a "serious minded young woman", but a teenager with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" - That her symptom she came to him with in the very beginning - Getting a disturbing thought or impulse in her mind, and not being able to let it go - worrying she will do something horrific due to this impulse - needing to vomit to temporarily relieve the anxiety caused by this obsessive impulse - FUCKING HELLO??!!! How I had to demand that he recommend some type of medication for the depression all this has caused - and then, looking up mental conditions on the internet myself - accidentally stumbling upon OCD - when all the bells started ringing. That's. My. Kid.

I'm going to update very soon about how we're going to see her former psychiatrist (at $300 cash per visit) one time, to get her second opinion of my diagnosis. Afterwhich, the therapist and I am going to have a "Come to Jesus Meeting" - at which time, I'll explain to him just exactly how incompetent he is...

Good news is, the medication she got for the depression, is the same medication they prescribe for OCD.

At any rate, I'll update about all this as soon as I get over being so pissed off.

In the meantime, it is a beautiful day. I have no plans, other than to tidy the apartment, water my plants and read a book.

The kidlet is going off with her dad today. I hope that wherever they go, no terrorists have any plans to bomb.

Fucking George Bush!

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