Okay. Productive day today. I got in half an hour early, and called up my kidlet's former psychiatrist, and explained to the answering machine what was going on, and what I'd like to see happen.

Her super-rockin' assistant called me back and we talked for a long time. We have an appointment with the doc on Wednesday night - $200. Ex-husband volunteered to pay half. Exxxxcellent!

Kidlet woke up this morning and on her scale of 1 - 10 (one being no emotional pain/obsessions and 10 being disabling torture) - she was only a 5. (VG). Considering yesterday, she was at least an 8 upon waking. Perhaps Paxil is starting to kick in.

Also, have had no whimpering, whiney crying phone calls from the kidlet today. (Usually have had 3 by this time). Only got a phone message that she was about to go to her counselor's office to discuss being transfered out of her Math class, because some of the kids were teasing her and she felt like it was either get out, or kick a little ass. That sounds more like the kidlet I know and love!


Oh, this weekend the Hawks were both out hunting! Beautiful birds of prey! I haven't seen them together for about a year, and I was wondering if maybe one of them had died. But no. They were sitting on top of the phone pole most of Saturday.

This morning, I saw one of the Hawks, and I heard what sounded suspiciously like baby Seagulls being fed. I guess I know what the Hawks are having for dinner tonight...


I'm cautiously optimistic about the kidlet. We're going to see her "therapist" for the last time tonight (I'm only taking her, because if we don't show up, he'll carge us). After the kidlet see's her former psychiatrist on Wednesday, and if she confirms my diagnosis of OCD - I'll call the insurance company and get a new therapist.


In an hour, I'm leaving the office to go get my "girls'" picture taken. Yep. It's mammogram time again. You know, you never feel quite sexy again, after you've seen your boobs squished between plastic plates - like two pancakes.

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