Severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

That's the diagnosis from the psychiatrist. She not only advised the kidlet to take her Paxil, but she also added a new, wonder-type drug called Neurontin to the mix. I looked up the Neutontin, and it's really for people with seizures, but they've studied its usefulness in other conditions like depression, bipolar, nerve pain in Multiple Sclerosis, and a whole bunch of other things. Side effects seem to be minimal for most people.

The psychiatrist is so awesome! She's all "we're going to take care of this, right now!" to my kidlet. She explains stuff like we've got a brain between us, and it's helpful that she already knows my kid.

She also turned us on to trying to get the kidlet into some "protocols" they do at UCLA. I guess, they get the OCD sufferers, and try new techniques on them. Cognitive Behavioral therapy, medications - and they pay you to be a part of it. Wow. Top notch help - and you get paid...

I have to make some phone calls. UCLA, the insurance company, and that rat-bastard therapist I'm going to fire. Yee Ha!

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