This is a day of forced relaxation for me. Although I'm having a hard time relaxing.

The weather is perfect for a nap. Cool, overcast - everthing outside my window has a grey cast to it, and if the car wasn't in the shop for an oil change, I'd take some pretty dramatic photos out there.

But, alas, I'm not relaxed enough to feel my art.

Spending this past week dealing with the kidlet's OCD stuff has worn me out. I'm always on edge, because she'll be either whining about her obessive thoughts, or be completely loud, hyperactive and obnoxious - as a method of keeping her thoughs at bay... We went to the Japanese mall last night for dinner (her idea, as she's completely obsessed with Japanese culture right now). I work at a Japanese company, and let me tell you, one of the most difficult things for this white lady to learn, was to be verrrrry quiet. Japanese folks are not usually running around, yelling and screaming like we (in my family, at least) tend to do. Anyway, it wasn't pretty... She did make a couple of friends of the shopkeepers, and they thought it was cute that she was practicing her Japanese on them. I wish them all well, because she and her dad are spending the day there again.


I spoke with the UCLA Neuropsyciatric Institute's program for children and adolescents with OCD yesterday. They have a program going alright. At $160 per week, I might as well just keep her current shrink! Fuck! Oh well, it's a challenge. I'll figure something out.


I learned something amazing from Verucaamish's diary Apparently, our current "administration" would love to expand the Homeland Security bill to include the government's ability to unilaterally strip the citizenship of any citizen, if they believe that citizen has supported a "terrorist" organization. Some have mentioned wanting to make the ACLU a terrorist organization. The fucking ALCU!!!??? I'd better start looking for another country to live in, because I'm a card carrying member of said group... I do like Canada. And France, Germany and Belgium are some of my favorite countries these days - what with all their blocking of Dubya's war efforts. Thank God the the UN, eh? I used to believe they were just the USA's bitch, but maybe I was wrong! Woo Hoo!

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