Second entry in one day. That's a record, I think.

So, the stupid saga with the ex-husband continues, and if I don't write about it, I'll probably have a stroke in my sleep or something, so here goes...

Asshole (as I affectionately like to think of him) called at about 7:30. Not 5 hours after our big scene with the weeping child, and the discussion - at which I thought I had explained everything to his satisfaction, and he had realized that depressed people can't just "get over it" and "look on the bright side". Hmmmm. WRONG!!

He calls up to tell me that he had placed a call to our daughter's psychiatrist, so she could tell him what she believed. He then launched into his philosophy of how everyone has a choice to make, and even if you are clinically depressed and on two medications which haven't kicked in all the way yet - you should choose not to see the world as horrible, and you must live in the real world - taking special care to be pleasant in front of your grandfather and stepmother. Ah HA!!

See, that's what it's all about. The last time she was with those two, she was really feeling bad, and not yet medicated. She was having obsessional impulses she couldn't control and thought she was going nuts. Gee. How thoughtless of her to be unpleasant!

Anyway, according to him, "people are telling him he's doing the right thing" Who the fuck are these people? Um, his WIFE maybe? Miss "you ruined my wedding by not having dinner with us afterwards, so we're never speaking to you again" to the groom's brother? Miss - "Carol is so hurt that you didn't fully acknowledge her gift in the manner she wished you would"?? I see. Uh huh.

Well, this girl here has PMS up her butt tonight, and has spent entirely too much time slugging it out on the QAF message board to put up with any shit. I told him exactly why his daughter has trouble with him - and it wasn't the least bit related to her OCD/depression. I explained it all. Of course, he had to retort - bringing up all my past "mistakes" and whatnot. WHATEVAH!

It was all very upsetting, and reminiscent of our marriage. I can't believe I had to go through this kind of emotional drama for ten years. What an evil little sonofabitch...

At any rate, the conversation ended something like this:

AH (asshole)"Well, you don't know everything - even though you think you do.

ME: "Well, I DO know about this"

AH: "Maybe you just THINK you do. You just think you're so smart. But you were wrong about all your counseling, and you were wrong about your alcoholism (wtf? still sober)and you were wrong about all your boyfriends..."

ME: "Well, at least I've gotten off my high horse long enough to learn about it. That's more than you've done"

AH: "Well, I'm just going to talk to her doctor, and we'll see what you know"

ME: "Then why the fuck did you call me? Why don't you just talk to her doctor?"

AH: "Fine. I will!"


See. This is what we used to do. We'd have a disagreement, and it would appear to be over. Until he got a second wind. I'm sure he'll call again tomorrow with his same bullshit. I think I'll just hang up on him when he calls. I can do that now. He's no longer the boss of me...

(Oh yeah. Another fun fact. While I was writing this, my daughter brought into my pigstye of a home, my neighbor and co-worker, Heather. I have NO makeup on and my place is stanky dirty. Yippee! My night is complete)

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