So, yeah. Friday night. Busy week. Kidlet is feeling better. Hooray for pharmaceuticals, eh?

Okay. I found the most perfect handbag tonight. I've been looking for the perfect handbag - one that calls to me - the one I see in my mind's eye when I think of the most perfect handbag. And tonight...I found it! I was walking through Robinson's May on the way to the food court, when I caught sight of it. Music began playing in my heart... It's leather. Honey colored leather. Large, with a little pocket inside for my cellphone. And it was on sale!. Regular price $69. I got my perfect handbag for $24.95. And, get this... It's a 9 West! The Lord hath richly blessed me...


Hey Sandy Koufax! Ya know, if you'd simply kept yer yap shut, nobody would have remembered a tiny little paragraph in a gossip column. But NOOOOO! You had to get all freakin' paranoid, and run around disassociating yourself with everyone. Hello? Dude, nobody gives a shit if you're gay. You're a 112 year old has-been. And if you're NOT (yeah, right) gay - all you have to do is say "Um, no. Not gay" and that's it.... Fucking dumbass, homophobic role-model! And furthermore - What's so bad about being gay anyway? You were a baseball pitcher. So what if you gave a blow-job now and again?? Calm the hell down, ya big freak!

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