Spring has sprung in California. Small white buds on otherwise barren trees. A sort of gloomy, gray sky - that will linger off and on until at least the end of June. Plus, the surest sign ever - killing not one, but two tarantula-sized spiders last night. One behind the sofa, and one crawling up the bathroom wall.

Yep. It's spring.

Oh yeah. I have a cold. Nuf said?

I also want to add that I totally love Dana-elayne. You'd never guess, but when that sweet, southern belle gets mad - she can use some awfully colorful language! Woo Hoo girl. You made my night...

Kidlet is feeling a whole lot better today. I mean, she hasn't mentioned being bothered by her OCD once today. Just acting like she used to - loud, goofy - I'm loving it! She's going to the movies with her cousin and her aunt (the ultra-religious one). I'll have to go over things she should and shouldn't talk about, huh?

I should stagger downstairs to do laundry now, while I have the strength.

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