If I could, I would give Hans Blix a blow job! 'Cause he's so cool, he deserves one.

How about those weapons inspectors, huh?

Iraqi's are being "pro-active" and are "cooperating".

Guess this is why Dubya gave that stupid press conference last night. He knew he was going to get screwed by the truth today. Bastard! You too, Ashcroft. And the horses you rode in on!


Oh, there's so much fun in my extended family right now. My 16 year old neice has been doing some stuff. You know - stuff??? Like drinking vodka, smokin' dope - that kind of stuff... Her parents are freaking out, of course - but the fun part is this: There's this guy who hangs around with my neice and her group of girlfriends. He's gay. Except not... He has been pretending to be gay, so the parents of the girls - and the girls themselves would be more inclined to allow him to hang out with them. My brother even said that if my neice had asked if this kid could spend the night, he wouldn't have thought twice about it. Well, seems that since September, he's had unprotected intercourse with two of the girls in the group - and was zeroing in on my neice - and had hugged and flirted with my daughter, by the way... My brother went over to his house last night, and the two of them had a little talk mano-a-mano. I feel it's safe to bet he won't be bothering our girls in the future. What a little sneak! He must have been watching "Three's Company" on TVLand.


I'm not sure exactly what to do with my kidlet and her non-relationship with her father. I mean, he did all this himself, but he doesn't see it that way. She staunchly refuses to have contact with him - even the idea of phoning him drives her into hysterics. While I support her feelings about him - I cannot, legally, support her not seeing him. If he took me to court, stating that I have denied him access to his child, a judge could take her away from me - and give her to him! I'm going to have to ponder this whole thing...


Kidlet is having a pizza party/"The Ring" watching event tomorrow evening. Must clean apartment!

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