Further letter update... I did several searches on the internet, and I found his bloody address. I popped the letter into an envelope, slapped a stamp on it, and mailed that little fucker!

We'll see what he does now. Prolly too stupid to understand the words of a 15 year old. But I've done my part today.


Tonight, we have counseling with the kidlet's new psychologist. She totally rocks - as she is already the counselor for my neice and nephew - and she has set my brother on track with an assignment to get some better "listening skills" and to watch his mouth around the kids. I love that!


Yesterday, we put in an application for a 5 month old black and white, chihuahua by the name of Tessie. The rescue foundation hasn't emailed us back yet, so I don't want to get excited about it - but she's adorable, and a chihuahua would be perfect for apartment living. Also, a tiny little doggie wouldn't freak the cats out too much, and we could carry her around in one of those doggie bags, like in "Legally Blonde". We keep our fingers crossed.

I don't know why, but I feel so great when I accomplish something - and sending off that letter was a nice little accomplishment. I know, he'll fuck this up, but not today!!!

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