I know this is supposed to be my diary, but lately it seems it is my kidlet's diary. I want my diary baaaaack!

We saw her new psychologist last night. She's a goddess from on high... She got my kid in about 15 minutes. They were sitting there, inches from each other's face - just talking about all the deep stuff. She told the kidlet that she should call her dad and simply state she needs two months off from seeing him. It's not a custody issue - it's a mental health issue. She is to tell him that in 2 months, she will call him again. But here's the good part. The psychologist told the kidlet that her dad will probably never "get" her. So, if she wants to keep her distance from him - when she does see him - she should act really, really crazy. Run around in her underwear, babbling to herself, eating grass, etc. That way, he'll be too freaked out to give her grief, and he won't be asking her back any time soon. This was probably just a ploy, but it gives her something to think about in the meantime.


As for me? Fuck! I found an invoice that I hadn't paid, at the bottom of the pile of shit that is my desk. My ass is going to be so much grass on Thursday. That invoice has been sitting on my desk since February 4th! Fuck Me!!!! Maybe I should start acting crazy - in a preemptive strike.... Yeah. That's the ticket!

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