Kidlet's dad got and read her letter. He left a voice mail message to her, telling her he didn't have a "denial problem", but he did understand her and would give her the time she needed. After all, he had spoken with her psychiatrist. He told her that she in fact, had missed his point. It was all about "respect" for him as her father. And she would miss him. And I should be telling her that he loves her every day...

He left another message about 20 minutes later that he didn't have a "denial problem", and it was all about "respect" for him as her father, and of his new wife. That she would miss him, but he had spoken to her psychiatrist, and he realized she had teenage angst... He said he was taking a break from both of us for a while...

He left a third message about an hour later, that he didn't have a "denial problem", and that he was "very, very hurt" by her actions. That we were not to return his phone call. Three times he said that - (so, you know, we didn't return it). He said he didn't know of any other fathers who had been treated as shabbily by their daughters. Oh, and he didn't have a "denial problem", either...

Whew! Glad he got that off his chest!

I slept so well last night - just knowing that no matter what he thought about this - he was going to give her the space she needs to figure out what the fuck is wrong. Yipee Skippee!


Errgh. I think we're getting a dog tonight. I hope we're getting a dog tonight, because since we've started looking for a dog, the ones we pick always end up getting adopted out from under us.

A dog would be a good thing right now...

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