I was just reading Verucaamish's diary, and I believe it may be correct to think TPTB are begging for another terrorist attack. If what I've been reading is true, the plan of Dubya, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Libby, Kristol, et al - is to become a global military power, capable of fighting in two large scale wars at the same time - with a strong nuclear weapons cache. The way to get that done - as they witnessed after 9/11 - is to allow the US to be attacked. What if we piss off the North Koreans? What if Pakistan and India bond over this assault in Iraq? What if they lob a nuke at, say Los Angeles? Seattle? They've probably figured out how much collateral damage there would be, and have decided it is worth it to lose a few hundred thousand citizens to reach their goal.

If you think I'm delusional, read it YOURSELF

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