Happy Ostara to all! Celebrate the renewal of life, the beauty in nature. Take heart at the wonderous possibilities in life.

This morning, I was watching a live feed from Baghdad, and I heard the call to prayer. So I joined with those people who were praying - for the bombing to stop, for justice, for the people of this earth to rise up and cast all evil-doers out. For peace and understanding to finally reign. It is possible.


We finally got our dog!

We adopted Reggie this morning. He's like the All-American pooch. He's black and brown. Looks like a mixture of long-haired daschund, cocker spaniel and sheltie. I think he's got the proper energy level for the kidlet. Loves to run and go for long walks. He fetches. At first, he was a barking nutjob, but after a few minutes, he settled down. That's good. Plus, he didn't bark at the cats. He did walk up to Malcolm to introduce himself, but Mal freaked out and hissed and scratched his nose. Mal's now hiding in the corner of the living room - growling. Goldie took one look at Reggie and high-tailed it under the sofa. I suppose she'll come out when she gets hungry...


Later this afternoon, the kidlet is having 3 girlfriends over to study their pagan stuff and eat pizza. My daughter has never been this social before in her life. She's never gone to the movies with friends. Never been invited to birthday parties, and never had gal-pals over for freakin' pizza. I'm absolutely GIDDY!

Oh. Please feel free to scroll down this page and click on the newest link: "Vote to Impeach.org" Tee Hee! Turn-about's fair play, ya know.

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