Here he is! Our amazing puppy, Reggie!

Isn't he adorable?

I was so nervous about today. This being Reggie's first day alone, in the kennel... I started fretting at 4:30 a.m. Would he be traumatized? Would he cry? Would he bark? I could hardly wait to get home at lunch to take a look.

Wonder of wonders - he was sitting in his kennel, surrounded by his toys, listening to the classical radio station we left on for him. He was unfazed.

I took him for a nice long walk, while he sniffed all the flowers and dirt and barked at other doggies and the guys playing basketball.

After I finished my lunch, I stuck him back in his kennel with a leather chew, said bye bye and returned to work, a much more relaxed woman than I was before.

Now maybe I can get some freakin' work done!

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