Of course, I knew he'd call eventually. I was feeling that old vibe all day. About 7 p.m., the phone rang, and I knew it was the ex. He wanted to speak with the kidlet, who was in her room, listening to music and drawing. I gave her the phone. I'm not going to be in the middle of this... She was calm, and explained to him that she had stated in her letter that she wasn't ready yet to speak with him. She stated it again. Then she said "Fine. Insult me all you want. I'm hanging up now". And she did. Apparently, he told her she was being selfish, and needed to grow up and be mature. Nice way to build a bridge, huh?

A couple of minutes went by and the phone rang again. It was him. For me.

He said that I was enabling her. He said he'd had his own "evaluation" done (how - without the kid, I'm not sure, but anyway) - and he said because of me, she was going to lose her father - even though he'd been her father all of her life - This was on my conscience. He hung up the phone.

I'm sorely tempted to write him a letter of my own. Just to set some things straight, but I doubt it would have any real impact. Considering he hasn't seen or heard from his daughter in about a month, the first thing he does is give her shit and blame me. He hasn't contacted me to find out how she is doing - progress or setback. Hasn't written to her. No card. No letter.

I probably will write to him. Just so I can say that I did my part. After that, he can shove the letter where the sun don't shine for all I care.


On a much more pleasant note - my darling kidlet attended a sleep-over with a couple of other girls last night. She's been socializing every weekend for the past six or seven weeks. The sleep-over was a success, the girls are bonded now. They say they're like sisters, and all hug and stuff. Very cool!

The dog and I hung out last evening. I was teaching him the finer points of lying around on the floor, watching television. He wasn't buying any of it...

However, this morning was fantastic! The pooch and I woke up at 6:45 (huh?), lounged in bed for 15 minutes - I fed him and took him on an early morning stroll around the neighborhood. My! The world is glorious in the morning! Birdies, kids on bikes, doggies, fresh air, cool breezes. Everything smelled so nice and was so bright, if it wasn't for my caffeine jones, I could have stayed out there for an hour. Tomorrow, I'll let her enjoy the early morning beauty. I'm sleeping in!

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