I'm quietly freaking out.

This has been one fucked up day.

First, it's April 1st. The day my kidlet's behavioral health coverge changed from one panel to another. Had to sign her up with the new panel and go through all the crap again. Except NOT. Because both the panels I was directed to, say that this particular division of Bow-Wing isn't covered by THEM. I had to call somebody at Bow-Wing (think tightly closed as the Pentagon) to find out what the fuck I needed to do. I was directed to the EAP guy, who hasn't returned my message yet. Of course... Leave me hanging with all my anxiety and worse case scenerios.

THEN - My daughter's psychiatrist called. Said she got a message from the ex-husband and he was upset that his daughter wasn't speaking to him. She started asking me if he had any legal claims to her, or if he had to be informed about medication or if he could deny her her meds by law. Whaaaa???

THEN - The ex-husband called ME. Had to talk to him and find out what he had going on in his fucked up head. We talked and argued for about an hour, and I found this out.

1. He has become a right wing radical who listens to Dr. Laura...

2. He believes his childless, school-marm wife knows EVERYTHING about how to raise a teenager

3. He doesn't believe his daughter has OCD - however, he is having himself checked out for it...

Whatever. I got him calmed down. I also informed him that he has insurance coverage until the end of October. Weird part is, Bow-Wing's paperwork to him states "end of March" as the cut-off. Paperwork they faxed to my HR department says "end of October". I just hate not knowing what is going on...

After work, I get to speed over to pick up the kidlet and drive to Manhattan Beach to get to her therapist's office by 6 p.m. At 6:50, we get to speed from Manhattan Beach, back to my neighborhood for dog obedience class. Luckily, my buddy, Heather will feed and walk the dog, and have him at the pet store by 7:30 when class starts.

Dinner? What's that?????

I'll be so freakin' glad when this day is over. Really glad. Ecstatic even.


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