First the good news: WE HAVE INSURANCE!!! I talked to the EAP at Bow-Wing. He said it was just a paperwork glitch on the part of the insurance company. Then he said our psychologist wasn't ON the new plan. I freaked. I called her, to find out who she recommended that would be close to as good as she is. Her office manager said that she is currently in the process of becoming a provider with our insurance plan! WOO HOO!

Then, the bad news: Stupid fuckhead ex-husband called me and got the phone number of the psychologist. He called and talked to her. I don't know all that was said, but it seems he is retarded... First, he said she told him she had a bunch of different syndromes going on - but there was something about "disclosing" information - (I'm pretty sure she meant to his therapist) - but he didn't want that. I don't know why, but he told her "This isn't MY psych evaluation - this is about my daughter", and that she needed to disclose things to him because "I'm the father". But I thought she had just disclosed stuff to him... Whatever. I left her a message and asked her what the deal was. I hate being a troublesome mom, but I have a troublesome ex to contend with.

I'm really happy we have this therapist. Everyone I talk to says she's the BEST in the business for what my kid has. I need to hold on to her at all costs!

We took our doggie to obedience class. I'd have to say, that he's not the best dog in class - but he's certainly not the worst. He already knows "sit" and he's cute as hell, but he BARKS at the other dogs and doesn't like to pay attention. Doggie ADD maybe?

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