Oh. Is it a Friday, or what? Gaaah!

Last night, at about 7 p.m., I decided I needed to purchase two new bath towels.... I have such a way of lying to myself. What I really wanted was to spend some money. I needed it like a dope fiend needs a fix. So the kidlet and I headed over to R0ss Dress 4 Less, which has towels. Plus, it's got clothes, handbags, lingerie, and assorted other crappola, all at a steep discount. I got a lotta stuff... Oh, and two new towels, of course. Afterward, I practically needed a cigarette, it felt soooo good.


Now, I'm looking forward to this evening. Quiet time. In my new, warm jammies, eating popcorn and watching something bland and mindless on the telly. Believe me. I need quiet time. Maybe straightjacket time would be good too.

Had to get kidlet from school at lunch time. She was throwing some big-assed emotional scene and they thought she might do better at home. I dunno. While I do sympathize with her, and I know it's hard weaning off one anti-depressant, and trying another - all during PMS and adolescence. Plus having a big fight with her dad (whom she just started grieving for in the car on the way to school - with many tears and the sadness - But we only had 3 blocks to go and school was about to start, so she couldn't completely process it in time...). I had to remind her that throwing a fit is not always the best approach. Sometimes, other people just don't give a shit if you are having a bad day, or if your feelings get hurt. The world is hard. Carrying on should be saved for really difficult situations. Plus, I reminded her that she'd had six whole days of nothing but good stuff happening to her. I wish I could get six days in a row that nothing shitty happened!

So, she's home resting up and playing with her puppy. What are ya gonna do?


She did call me this afternoon. Her brand new psychologist had a couple of discussions with her father... At first, he couldn't understand her, so he decided she was giving him several different stories. Then he called me, and I called her. And I heard nothing from either one of them. Yay! Today, she called the kidlet at home. She told the kidlet that her dad had phoned again, and during their conversation, she offered to mediate some family therapy between him and his daughter. He cussed her out, and said "How dare you suggest I need therapy!!!"

She told the kidlet she completely understood why she didn't want to talk to him. She said he's just plain nasty.

Is that her professional diagnosis, I wonder??? BWAAAAH!

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