Hey! Guess what???

My child got a voice mail message from her fathah! Yep. And in between the "Dr. Laura-isms", he mentioned that she could continue to see her psychologist, and be treated for her "OCD or whatever it is you have". Do you realize what that means? That's Right!!! That means, either:

1. He found out how much an attorney costs.

2. Nobody would loan him the $$ for one.

3. He spoke again with his daughter's shrink and she was able to clue him in.

4. His therapist knows her personally, and got him to shut the fuck up.

5. He just decided to fold up his tent on his own.

Whatever! It means that he's not going to interfere with the process! It means we can go forward and the kid can recover much smoother! Yippeeeee!

He also said she could have more time to "miss him" - like in months. Yeah Baby!

Whew. All of a sudden, I feel exhausted. It's hard being tensed up and ready for a fight every minute of the day and night.

Yessssssss! Oh, yeah. I scheduled a massage for Saturday at noon. Gonna be sooooo relaxed.

Thank Goddess! - And thanks to my buddies who left the helpful messages in the Guestbook.

I'm gonna finish watching Survivor now! Woo Hoo!

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