Weeeellll... the lawyer I talked to last week had his opinions. But the red-faced Irishman I hired this morning, says we are going to "get him"!

He's filing papers to have a psyche evaluation done on the ex-fuckhead.

He's filing papers to get restraining orders against him harassing me, the kidlet, or any professional I hire.

He's filing papers to have the joint-legal custody taken away from E-FH.

He's going to have visitation adjusted to what it is now - which is ZERO.

I gave the lawyer copies of my divorce orders, the letters the kidlet wrote to her dad, my letter to him - and the tape recording I have of the last 5 voicemail messages he left us.

We have strict instructions not to answer the phone, so if he calls us - he's forced to leave messages.

I left the office, $2500 poorer (ouch!), but I feel at least there is something I can do to prevent E-FH from trying to sabotage the kidlet's recovery.

I even felt bad (while having my deep tissue massage an hour later) about doing this. I still feel sorry for the old fart, but I need to toughen up now. This is too important, and he doesn't go away when ignored. He only gets worse.

One thing I thought about at 1 a.m., when the dog woke us all up by trying to dig through the wall into the next door neighbor's apartment, is that the E-FH never once called me to tell me he didn't want our daughter being treated by the psychologist. Never did. He just went around the back way, and harassed her, and threatened her medical license. I'm sorry. That's unacceptable.

So, now I've opened up a horrid can of legal worms. Terrified? Yep. Need to do something? You bet.

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