Okay. Whole "deep tissue massage" thing? What the effff was I thinking??? Ouch! Oh, ouch! I don't want to know how much I'm gonna hurt tomorrow...

Weird though. All day long, after the massage, I sweated. Like a freaking river. I spoke with two people familiar with the procedure, and they both said it was toxins coming out of me. DAMN! I must have been toxic to the max. I took a hot shower to open up my pores. Maybe more toxins will escape me. Blech.

Most amazing thing is I'm not covered in bruises. I thought for sure I would be.


I decided, after speaking with a friend who lives with a lawyer - and who scared me by telling me that no attorney can get all that stuff done for me. He said restraining orders are only for like violent threats and fear for one's life. He also said that if my ex couldn't afford an attorney, the court would give him a FREE one. And that attorney would get a "guardian ad-litum" appointed for the kid. And neither me or my ex, could do anything with/for her, without that guardian's permission. And, it's a lawyer and we'd have to split the bill...

So, what I'm going to do, is call my lawyer on Monday, and tell him - I want to file whatever papers are necessary (there's some sort of violation of a court order form) that will cause my ex to stand before a robed judge and be told officially that he cannot fire a professional without discussing it with me first. And that if we cannot agree, he needs to hire an attorney to request the judge appoint a therapist for us. I would also like to go for sole legal custody, because that would solve a whole ass-load of problems. That's ALL I want. I think the visitation stuff will work itself out on its own. He's already making noise like its going to be a looong time before he sees kidlet.

So, I think that's what I'll do. No need stirring up a hornets nest over this. I could end up on the short end of the stick.


I feel really accomplished. I did all our laundry today, instead of waiting for Sunday. I washed all the nasty dishes that had piled up. I walked Reggie - a long walk where he got to sniff everything and meet a couple of new doggie friends - one of whom was attached to a cute man... I've lost 4 pounds just walking him at lunch for 20 minutes a day. That's in 3 weeks. And I'm not eating any less, lemme tell ya. They installed a brand new Krispy Kreme in our local supermarket. I've sampled it plenty and still lost 4 pounds. Reggie is a Goooood Dawg!

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