Watched "Last Tango in Paris" last night. I hadn't seen that film since 1986. Movies made in the '70's (it was circa 1972) were so pretentious. So much fluff for fluff's sake. It must have been the drugs.

Anyhoo - I watched it again, and remembered what an old boyfriend had told me. He said the Maria Schneider character was originally supposed to be a young man... The film made so much more sense when I viewed it from that perspective!

Marlon Brando is this married guy, whose wife kills herself. He meets up with a young, hot looking man in Paris. They are attracted to each other (but both deny their homosexuality - in fact, Maria Schneider-guy, is engaged to be married) and they have a lot of wild, secretive sex in an empty Paris apartment. There is much back and forth - breaking up and reuniting - angsty passions - until Marlon's character becomes too open and demanding... The closeted Maria, shoots and kills Marlon - denying s/he ever knew him.

"Pass the butter" indeed! I think Miramax should do a remake of "Last Tango in Paris" - but do it the right way. Maybe cast that hot French guy from "Unfaithful" - Oliver Martinez. Was that his name? Hubba Hubba!


On another note - Fuck You Dennis Miller! When did you decide to sell out and become just another mouthpiece for the neo-cons? And to think I used to have wild sexual fantasies about you and your scruffy beard... I feel so dirty now.

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