The mom saga continues. The Docs still don't know what happened to her, but they are sending her for physical therapy starting tomorrow.

I think part of the problem is that she has absolutely no muscle strength. It's not entirely her fault, though. She should be exercising (like we all should *looks in mirror*), but she's got congestive heart failure, so it takes a lot of energy for her to do much of anything, and she's got severe arthritis in most all of her joints. Not much inspiration to exercise... All she really ever does is sit in front of the TV watching CNN. I think she couldn't get up from the floor, because she doesn't exercise her muscles, and she's in such bad shape, she couldn't even sit up. I bet they're going to show her how - and make her exercise them.

Now I feel like going out and running and walking so I never end up like that.


There has been some good news on the financial front!!!

A bunch of years ago, I had a whole lot of dental work done, and I used a special credit card to pay for whatever my insurance company didn't. I got a post card in the mail about a year ago, saying there was some sort of class-action suit going on with the card company for late charges they shouldn't have billed for or something. Now, I probably paid a total of $5 in late fees the whole time I had the card, but I signed on to the suit for shits and giggles.

About a month ago, I got a letter from a law firm, saying they'd settled the case. I simply had to sign a form, send it back - and I'd get my share of the proceeds. So, I signed, mailed, and forgot about it... I got a check yesterday for $72.94!. Yeeeee Haw! Sometimes the law rocks!


Speaking of the law... I wonder how I can find out what my lawyer is doing with my case - without having to spend $250 for him to call me back. Hmmmmm. Must get creative.

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