Easter greetings.

We celebrated Easter as good Pagans do - by sleeping in, and basically doing laundry.

My daughter is so fabulous sometimes. She got up early and took the dog out for a pee, then came back in, took his noisy collar off and we all drifted back into dreamland until about 10:30. My little pile of rags felt so incredibly good. Just warm and cozy enough - like a nest. My cats were snuggled up next to me, and we just dozed. Very religious morning...


Did a little housework today. Visited my mother in the hospital. They've become quite interested in her kidney function. Gee. Could it be that the yellow coloration in her eyes that my brother and I noticed over the past year - wasn't all in our heads, like she said?

Made steaks on the George Forman Grill for dinner - with steamed asparagus. Finished it off with angelfood cake, smothered with smooshed strawberries. After I finish the gigantic pile of dirty dishes I'm looking at - I'm going to help myself to seconds of the cake...

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