Good grief. My mother was supposed to go home from the hospital today, but instead - she fell. While sitting in a chair. She fell out of a chair!

I called her, and she sounds really dingy. More dingy than usual, so that has me pretty anxious. See, my grandmother - her mother - had some sort of heart event... Nothing like a heart attack - but one of those weird old-lady heart things. She went into the hospital, got really dingy - and died!

Not that my mother dying is something we haven't anticipated for the past 10 years - because we have. Every year, it's been "well, this is probably mom's last Christmas - so we'll do it her way". It's just so disconcerting to hear her on the other end of the phone being so - not quite lucid...

I dunno.


In other - good news - we have found a marvelous psychiatrist for the kidlet. We saw him today, and he's up to speed on OCD, he went to Cornell University - good schools are important in a doctor - and he has the attitude about my ex-fuckhead, that if he wants to rant and rave - he can go ahead. His relationship is with my kidlet. Period. And if ex-fuckhead wants to make some complaints - he said he's more than welcome to. I love the male/male pissing contest.

Saturday, I see my lawyer's paralegal to fill out paperwork.

Taking care of busines. I think I'd like to stop now and have a vacation...


Oh yeah. More good financial windfalls. Last night, I opened my mailbox, and there was a check to me from AT*T Wireless - for $50. Some sort of rebate I was unaware of. Whooopie!!!!

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