I'm so fucking neurotic, I can't even stand myself... The kidlet has a sore throat and body aches, so of course, I've decided it's SARS. She hasn't been to Toronto - or Hong Kong - not even so much as a Chinese restaurant. How DO I do it?

She has been to the hospital a few times. You know, where they have sick people and viruses and such? Yeah. Prolly picked up some killer virus there. Not a cold. Killer.Virus. Get the net!


My mother has been transfered to some rehab floor, and she's busy refusing x-rays and stuff. Great.

We get to tell her she can't go live in her apartment again. And we have to find her a place to go. I called one today - a beautiful facility near my home - and near her volunteer job. Right across the parking lot, actually. I've been there before, when I voted - and took her there one time to check it out. But she hated it. Too many old folks for her tastes. It's dark wood and marble. Nicely appointed dining room - smells nice. Lots of tottering old folks around. They can come and go as they please, or they can partake of the many activities offered at the facility. Only problem is, it's damned expensive for a room of ones own. Get this: $1900 - $2400 per MONTH! However, since mumsie is on the old social security - they have to offer her a room for $838 per month. But she has to be with a roommate... She's going to reject it. Grrrr. I mean, it's her deal, but I used to go to those places to visit my former mother in law. They're horrible! This place is classy. It's clean. It's nigh on to perfect. And there's a BED!! Whatever. She'll hate it.


I was going to try and explain the two day throw-down we had on my QAF message board this week. It was between the heterosexual housewives and the lesbians (of course, I was on the lesbian's team - duh!). But it's way too confusing to deconstruct.

I did come away with an inkling of how "mob mentality" works... Fascinating sociological stuff on my board. The housewives felt somehow that they were being singled out as "less than", because they were housewives - who watch a soft-core gay porn television show in order to get horny, read romantic fan fic - and use tons of emoticons in their posts. And no matter how much logic, or real-life issues we tried to introduce to the discussion - all they wanted to do was whine cry, and play martyr and call us "hateful" and "reverse-discrimination" was bandied about. What a scene.

The housewives ended up stomping away, emailing each other - promising never to darken our message board again. Bah! Don't let the door hit ya - I say.

Really fascinating to see the reaction though. Mobs. There's just no getting through to 'em...

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