My house is a pig stye. No, I don't even think a pig would want to live here today.

Got up this morning, earlier than I wanted to - to my kidlet thrusting a flashlight in my face and ordering me to look at the back of her throat... White, pus-y patches on a red, red background. Yep. The dreaded Strep throat. I know Strep, because she gets it every spring.

I called the doctor. Usually I would wait until tomorrow for doctor calling, but since I've investigated OCD, and found that a lot of OCD'ers get much worse with a strep infection - I thought I'd freakin' HURRY and get her some antibiotics. I love my health clinic. They work all weekends and all holidays - for the same $10 co-pay...

We toddled off to the doctor - half an hour after waking up. Grrrr. No coffee. No nuttin. He was wearing a surgical mask! I guess he's more than a little concerned with the old SARS epidemic.

We got a throat culture and antibiotics. The pharmacy is at our supermarket, so while the pharmacist was filling the prescription, I went grocery shopping - still before coffee. Thank God for Starbucks...

Now, we're home. I haven't showered yet. I don't want to shower. I want to go back to bed. But I can't. I have to perservere and visit my mother in hospital, and go over my residence hunting with her and my brother. Basically, we can't afford any of them. They're ALL $1900 - $2400 per month. Well, except for the one that's $3500 per month... If she would agree to go the the one I contacted on Friday, that would rock. But I know she won't. One of the directors of a place, suggested that my mom could still live on her own - but be equipped with one of those "panic" things to wear around her neck. That way, if she took another fall - she could push a button and the paramedics could find her. That way, all we'd have to do, is find her a bottom floor apartment to live in - cheaply - and convince her to give up driving around town, utilize the "cabs for old farts" program our city offers, and order her groceries by phone... My brother is considering - sort of - having her live with him in a 3-bedroom place. Frankly, I think that arrangement might kill them both. Sure, she's old and frail and whatnot - but underneath all that - she's an unpleasant, bitchy, manipulative woman with more issues than Dubya has enemies. I wouldn't wish her on anybody.


Last night, strep throat and all - the kidlet went to the Sadie Hawkins dance, with a date! Oh my gawd, my baby had a date with a boy!!! I'm not all that sure I like him. He's a combination big geek and ladies man. I didn't know whether to hug him or bitch-slap him... But she likes him well enough, and they looked adorable together. They both wore all-black - she had died purple streaks in her blonde hair, and he had died his red hair, black for the occasion. She called me from the ladies loo - to tell me that he'd kissed her. Her first kiss! Not sure how I felt about that either. But she's almost 16 and it's only her first kiss. Hell, I was smooching and making out at parties and such - since I was about 13. It's just weird thinking of some pimply faced boy, kissing my daughter. Especially one who seems to be full of the old blarney...


Well, I'd better get to cleaning this stye. All housework and laundry and mom activities must be finished by 7:00, so I can sit back and whine and grimace over the ridiculous Brian and Justin reunion on "Queer As Folk". How many ways can I say "Meh"...?

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