We ditched dog training class! Woo Hoo! I mean, it's not like we work with Reggie during the week or anything. Oh, no. So for him, it's like - he gets taken to a place with lots of other goofy, barking dogs. He gets really excited over that. Sniffs around, gets sprayed in the face with water a few times. We keep saying "Yes!" and shoving liver treats in his mouth until he's too full to enjoy them. Everyone keeps hollering at him, until he finally goes home - gassy and exhausted.


At the end of my very stressful day - spoke with kidlet's psychiatrist, pharmacy, throat culture doctor, hospital discharge planner, brother, brother, brother, assisted living marketing director, brother, brother, mother - hysterical kidlet... oh - boss, boss, boss - at the end of this day, when all I really want to do is cover myself in flannel and crawl into my pile of rags for some peaceful shuteye - I find out that I've been given freakin' ownership of the "Real No Limits Queer As Folk Message Board" Gaaaaaaah! I don't want to be the owner/administrator of anything. Right now, that stupid message board is the last thing I care about. But my ego is telling me to press on. Funny thing, that...

April 29, 2003

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