My neighborhood is inundated with Barn Swallows. Fancy that. There aren't even any barns in my neighborhood.

What lovely birds they are, too! Beautiful blue feathers on their backs, and warm, tan tummies. I saw one couple, flying about a foot off the grass at the park today whilst walking Reggie. Back and forth, they'd swoop and pass each other.

Later, I read they are very territorial of their nests. The Hawk was sitting atop a light pole, so maybe they were on patrol.


My mother's sister and her husband visited her today. They drove all the way out from the desert, and took her to her doctor for a shot. I don't know why she had them come out for that, since her son lives right up the driveway from her and is available for that sort of thing.

Maybe she's spreading the drama around. Maybe she's trying to find a nice, deserty place to live...

All I know is, they're gone now, and she's got my kidlet over at her house, paying her bills for her. As a trade-off, I have to take the kidlet to the bookstore tonight, and let her roam for an hour or so. I think I'll drop her off, go home, and walk Reggie some more, before I drive back to pick her up.


It's supposed to rain cats and dogs this Saturday. I'm so hoping for rain - and peace and quiet. Just me and the cats, sitting under some warm quilts, watching movies and eating popcorn. Yeah... That's the ticket!

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