My day on the sofa, in the rain, went swimmingly - except for two things... It stopped freakin' raining at 8 a.m.! and kidlet decided to throw a big-assed fit.

Ah, well. Best laid plans, I always say.

I did force myself to remain on the sofa and watch movies. I saw "84 Charing Cross Road" which was lovely, and "Murder by Numbers" which was forgettable.

I also spent a couple of hours laughing my ass off, while making "QAF" cartoons with THIS I emailed my creations all over the country. I feel like Stephen Spielberg for cry-eye!

My kidlet is still grieving her dad's crazy-making activities. It's got to be horrible, to have a dad one minute, and the next, have a raving lunatic - who seems hell-bent on ruining your life. So, she threw some big fit about him last night, which was more than likely fueled by her hormone level. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't quiet.


I called my mother yesterday afternoon, to see if she was okay or belly-up. She's such a pip, that one... Her latest adventure in denial is, she wants to talk to her doctor, to find out why she had this "thing" (stroke). I casually mentioned that she'd had more than one. She's like "No. I had one stroke" I reminded her that she'd had one on that first Thursday, when we found her on the floor - and another, the following Tuesday at the hospital - Not to mention, the one she was hospitalized for 6 months ago. (I neglected to bring up the time the paramedics had to vault over her balcony to pick her up from the floor with a stroke a few years before). I told her that if she wanted to get better, she should stop trying to pull facts out of her ass. She told me to shut up... That's my mom.

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