My gal-pal, Rhonda and I got tickets to see a play tonight at our local community theater. It was some Tony Award winning play, called "Art" and starred Richard Kline (formerly of Three's Company), Greg Mullavey (formerly of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman) and Eddie Mekka (formerly of Laverne and Shirley). We got seats in the third row, because tonight was that "before the opening night" night, and the tickets were cheap.

Okay. So, we get to the theater, hit the loo, get a drink of water and find our seats. Except someone was sitting in my seat... We had to kick them out of my seat... But.It.Was.John Ritter! in my seat... GAaaaaaah!

I got Rhonda to kick him out, since she'd had a Marguerita at 11 this morning, and that gave her false courage.

He got up and left. We giggled and cackled about our exciting adventure until the play was almost ready to begin.

That's when he came back and sat down RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!! Yessss! I watched a play, rubbing thighs with none other than John Ritter! And I do mean rubbing thighs too. He's a Big Boy. Plus, he sat there all spraddle legged, so he was practically in my seat with me. Except for the cramp in my thigh from trying not to flow into his space (which was really MY space), and hoping my "Aqua di Gio" perfume, somehow managed to overpower any stank-foot I might have had. And prayed to the goddess - NOT to make me have to burp during the performance, it was a thorougly enjoyable time. John Ritter is big and soft, like a warm pillow. He smells pretty good. And let's be honest. That's as close to a real live man as I've managed to get in a looong time... Heh. Heh. Heh.

So, yeah. The play was good. What I remember of it anyway.


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