Ahhh. Let's see...

My mother is coated with Teflon. She got a call from the Seniors Only apartment complex she was lusting after for a year. They have a vacancy. She's taking it.

My mother, who nearly croaked over a month ago, is getting a condo in Redondo! Gaaaah!


I'm enjoying the quiet during this "golden-hour" between the time the kidlet goes to bed, and the time I have to sleep. I should be watching "House Hunters", as is my Tuesday night practice - but the quiet is too wonderful right now. Besides, there's always "Curb Appeal" at 10:30.

Warm, sunny weather is coming. I can feel it trying to creep out from under the gloomy clouds. This weekend, if I get a minute, I'm going to sweep off the balcony, and wash the dust off the porch seats. It's time to sit with a tall glass of iced tea, and enjoy the weather.


One more Buffy, and then it's history. It's going to be so weird. But I did get a mighty fine spoiler... Nope. I won't spoil here - but just suffice to say - Woooo Fuckin' Hooooooo!!!!!

M'Kay. I'm done for the night.

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