Shhhhhh... My boss is here for a Manager's meeting. I'm trying to goof off without getting caught.

The finale of Buffy went pretty well, I thought. I mean, how can one properly write the ending of a seven year long series? I laughed, I cried, and jumped up and cheered when Buffy's power went out to all potential slayers (read: GIRL POWER!). I sniffled and wiped my runny nose on my sleeve when Spike sacrificed himself to save the world... What a guy. Plus, you know, he's not REALLY dead. He's got a gig on "Angel" next season. Duh! Yeah. It was nice.


My crazy family is at it again. First, the kidlet leaves me a voicemail from school. "Mom, I got a bad math grade, so I hit myself in the head with my math book. I'm in the nurse's office" Gaaaaaah! I call the nurse, who is totally laughing at my retarded kid. She put ice on her head, and sent her back to class.

I just spoke to the kidlet. She's pissed at ME, because I don't have sympathy for her behavior. Dumbass.


My mother - has given notice at her current place of residence, and asked that her mail etc. be forwarded to her new address. The new place hasn't accepted her application yet! and, she hasn't called a moving company either. She has lost her frickin mind. What do you do with a person like that? She couldn't even figure out how to set the clock on her microwave oven - with me coaching her on the phone "Push 'clock'. Now push 8-1-2. Now push 'clock' again" She couldn't figure it out. How can she possibly live on her own? - And yet she refuses not to... Oh, yeah. Tonight after work - I get to cut her toenails. Who's having all the fun now???

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