I'm sorry. Did they say the President of the United States may have overestimated, or perhaps exaggerated the Iraqi's Weapons of Mass Destruction in order to go into their country and blast the fuck out of it???

Did the President of the United States use information he knew to be false - despite the concern and objections of the United Nations Security Council - to enter into a "war" with Iraq in which many, many innocent Iraqi's were killed and injured - not to mention killing a few American Service personnel?

Yeah. That's what I thought they said.

Too bad the deregulation of airwaves came only last week, huh? Too late to bury this tidbit of information. I hope the news media plays the hell out of it. Too bad it's not as "horrifying" as a President receiving a few blowjobs...


So my mom is all snuggled into her new residence. Since she's not upstairs any longer, she's out and about the complex during the day. She does her laundry by herself now. She "visits" with the other residents. She can walk to the Rite Aid to get a bottle of wine... Heh. I know this last bit of information because she called me at work to ask if I'd bring one over. I let her know that I hadn't planned on visiting her that particular evening, so she'd just have to figure out another way. I even gave her the phone number of a local supermarket that delivered... Well. This rickety old woman, who couldn't manage to right herself after falling on the bathroom floor - who has trouble getting up from a sitting position - who takes 5 minutes to get from the car to the elevator at the doctor's office - had very little trouble cruising a few hundred yards to the Rite Aid for a magnum of Turning Leaf! One has to admire that kind of dedication.


Recently I've become at odds with my checking account. Seems I've been indulging all sorts of cravings and spending money as a sort of comfort zone for me and the kidlet. That's all good, except I had to dip deep into the savings to pay rent this month. I figure that's a warning sign from God to knock off the crazy spending.

Well, I'm NOT sending the unbelievably gorgeous "Absolute" fake diamond tennis bracelet I purchased from HSN. Ohhhhhhh Noooooo! I spent $40 for it, and if they were real diamonds - and you can't tell - it would have cost thousands! I'm not sending it back. But I will return the freaking gorgeous ring I bought - because it's just too damned expensive looking. Nobody wearing a ring like that would be caught dead driving a Geo...

At any rate, the kidlet and I have decided to cut back on the spending for a little while, and make do with the stuff we've already got. She's going to read the 12 books I bought her that she hasn't cracked open yet, whilst listening to all the new CD's I've purchased. And I am settling back to enjoy the second half of a former friend's wedding video! Woo Hoo! She and I haven't been buddies since I found out she stole money from another co-worker's baby shower fund. I'm enjoying - in an oh-so-evil manner - the fact that she and her fiance/groom are standing in front of the church congregation, completely pretending they didn't meet in an internet sex-chatroom, and ignoring the fact the groom abandoned his wife and young son to move across country to be with his internet love. And completely leaving out the detail that she's over 40 years old, divorced with a 19 year old son, and wearing a long, WHITE virgin-like bridal gown with veil.

I know the universe will smite me for enjoying this video so much. But I can't help it. Apparently I am evil.

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