I'm just not cut out to be a crafter...

I get an absolute moisty when I go to Joanne's or Michaels. I touch stuff, and sniff things. I buy too. Oh, YES. I buy plenty 'o craftys.

Mostly, they sit in plastic tubs in the living room.

I've recently developed a keen interest in Rubber Stamps. Don't know quite what you do with a Rubber Stamp, but I do know I have to have a bunch of them in order to feel complete as a woman.

So, I purchased a few Rubber Stamps from that Rubber Stamping/Jewelry Making Goddess, Kitchenlogic. She has a little Ebay store where she plies her wares. Won a couple of bids on some adorable stamps too!

Well, let's see. First night, I thought I'd try out my new Rubber Stamp and my new stamp pad. Got some cool card stock paper too. Inked up the stamper. Stamped the paper. Put the stamp pad down Upside down on my good wood coffee table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is, I'm just glad I wasn't working with scissors anywhere near my eye.

June 12, 2003

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